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Please Advise. Which reciever? Marantz 5200, Yammie 730 or Denon 1802?

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I think the above 3 are in the same price range of between 500-700 right?


Which of the above would be a good bet?


The marantz 5200/6200, the Denon 1802 or the Yammie 730?


please advise as i have really not much exp. in the recievers of new like the abovementioned.


Any input or even personal opinions would be greatly appreciated.


thanks again.

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I bought my Marantz 6200 at $730. You will love the circle surround mode.

Its only $30 off your budget. you should seriously consider it. Plus you get 110wx6 and DTS 6.1. Way more than the models you were considering.....

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Circle Surround

Bigger Remote




Circle Surround

Multi Room Capable

LCD on Remote

More outputs

Component Switching (I really needed that because RCA to Svideo converted quality is really bad)


I think thats it. Maybe you should get the SR7200. I regretted not getting that. It was over my budget anyway.

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Don't think the 3802 will ever drop to $1k. Maybe stock clearance units (demo sets, scratched units, 2nd hand, etc.) but not the normal units.


When 3803 comes out, 3802 price will drop a bit and then production will stop completely and then you won't even be able to buy it. Cause they will not allow it to affect the 3803 sales.




i was hoping really that the 3802 hits abt 1k and that will be the one to get.


Well at least it should be when the 3803 comes out.


Is there alot of difference between the 6200 and the 5200?



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Guest duckling


Pheweee... great deal! But u gotta face that black face of XYZ... hehe.




Nvm lah, just pay and go...I think they accept CC also.

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