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test Devices for HT

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Anyone knows where I can get a Dvd for testing HT setup? To optimize the speaker positions etc.


Also, where do i get those decibel/sound measuring devices people are talking about in forums used to optimize their HT setup? I think it was an SPL meter...

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Avia DVD is good ~S$90. Sound & Vision Home Theater Tune-up DVD is no.2 ~S$40.


Others are not so good, considering I own almost all of these test DVDs (except Video essentials which is not adviseable to buy anyway).


Musicwarehouse tends to sell them, but depends on stock availabilty. I've not seen these in other retailers.


The RS sound level meter can be bought off the net. But U might find it in Fu Lu Shou Complex.....Adelphi (may be way way overpriced)........... I saw them there before.


There are better ones, but they'll prob be overpriced and not really necesarry to buy them since SPL meters are not accurate for anything else other than sound level matching. (Unless u can correct for errors)


The RS SPL meter has got its frequency correction table posted all over the internet.



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