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$100 Interconnect ?

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Guest james46

like to know what i/c U (yes, U) will recommend in the $100 range.


Care to share how u characterise how ur i/c sound ? Luv to hear from all of u.


Peace y'all !


Depends on what type of sound you want from the cable. Some cables are fast, some are warm. Need to match your system.

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For the $100 range maybe u can considered the VdH 102mkIII which is retail for around that price. It a very nice decent cable neutrality, detail u name it have it.

The best thing is if u are proficent with soldering u can get it for $35/m at kingsley depending on the rca plug u use it may cause less than $100. However , it not suitable for those who thrive on dance music and fast tempo music it just sound too relax.

The Belden 89259 and 89207 are worth trying.

259 is more on the laidback side while the 207 is exciting and could sound quite wide and it characteristic is is fast and suitable for dance music and depending on yr system either one of this shall not disappointed u

cos the price is only $9/m for both.

Especially the 89207 i dare say it a match for the ms conductor which is retailing for about $115.


But pls note that it also important to pair yr I/C with the

right spk cable...U not need the most exp it will not guarantee u the best...The most important thing is the word synergy tried as many combo as possible

U be surprise! ;)

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think of getting a pair of DIY interconnects. which is better?

-1694a or


will a better RCA plugs make the difference? i listen more to details as well as vocal. pls advise. ???

Personally my choice of rca is the daiyo locking type(poor soldering skill) . It retail price depending on size will cost around $15-20. The best thing about this rca no soldering is require and i would recommend for those who like to experiment with diff cable. As for 1694a haven't tried it before. But considering the low cost, u can tried both the cables.

For diy purpose would advice u to tried the 50cm length first to keep the cost low...


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I can loan both :


1) 1m Canare L-5CFB I/C with Canare RCAP true 75ohm RCA connector.


2) 1m Belden 1694a I/C with Canare RCAP true 75ohm RCA connector.


I would glady loan it to anyone who want to do any comparison. Cheers!


Personally, I feel 1694a and L-5CFB are too close to differentiate, but there is some difference I can't put my finger on.

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i've tried the Black Knight, Blue Heaven & Red Dawn i/c. Have also used Flatline Gold speaker cables.


i've also heard the demo (at a hifi show) of all the models, from Black Knight to Valhalla.


The general feeling is that it's non-draggy & dynamic, across all the different Nordost models. What set them apart is the sense of "body". The higher-end ones have a fuller body.


I was told Nordost cables are more suitable for tube amps, and that it's not suitable for high-powered SS amps.



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Thanks Mr Silk. I guess u could say to get a piece of Heaven, u have to pay a high price !


Me saw a Classads for a 2M pair Red Dawn. Wow $600++ !!


A 1 m pair of BH IC new should be around $300 to $350, thus a used one would probably go for $180 or so.

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