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REL out to rock world with new ultra-compact subwoofer

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Guest duckling

REL has sent us the following press release on its latest living room-friendly subwoofer...


"REL is very proud to announce the launch of a new ultra-compact sub-bass system - the Quake. Measuring a miraculous 29.4 x 25.3 x 27.2 cm (hwd), this diminutive system has undergone exhaustive R&D to ensure that, despite its size, Quake delivers REL's exemplary standards of quality, facility, performance and reliability.


Quake's purist lineage is acknowledged by the superior acoustic properties of a sealed box design, utilising the optimised coupling of a very long throw 8" driver with a 100 Watt MOSFET amplifier. The specialised driver, rated at 150 W, features a vented pole piece to avoid power compression.


Quake's electronics are, as always, robustly over-specified with a military spec FR4 PCB using plated-through holes, high quality MOSFET output devices and a hefty toroid transformer.


As in all REL designs, Quake's ultra-reliable acoustic engineering is exploited by superior systems integration capabilities. In spite of its modest price, Quake offers REL's finely calibrated and buffered ABC® filtering to blend its output with any speaker without mid-range breakthrough. Simultaneous connection/tuning of high (Neutrik) and low (phono) inputs allows Quake to underpin both 2-channel and multi-channel systems via REL's now familiar four-position mode switch.


In addition Quake offers a choice of slam/depth settings and, new to REL, a PC compatible input for easy connection to PC sound systems.


What’s more, REL's Set-Safe® protection circuitry ensures that Quake can be driven hard in all applications in complete safety.


REL's Quake is available from August in Brittex Black (£350) and Cherry real-wood balanced veneer (£425).



New ultra-compact sub-bass system

Dimensions (hwd): 29.4 x 25.3 x 27.2 cm

True 100 Watts (continuous) MOSFET amplifier

8" very long throw driver with ventilated pole piece, rated at 150 Watts

High quality gas-tight Neutrik high level input

High and LFE inputs connected simultaneously

REL's ABC® filter for precise integration with all systems

PC compatible input for easy connection to PC sound systems

Slam/depth control

Set-Safe® protection circuitry

High quality FR4 PCB with plated through holes

No hot components on PCB

Available in Brittex Black and balanced Cherry real-wood veneer

3 year world-wide warranty."



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