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Panasonic RA61 DVD player !

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Just went over to my colleague's place to try it out, it's excellent ! The reasons :


1. Put a few D9/D5 discs that Shinco and Pioneer refused to play into the Panasonic, it ran perfectly. Loading and reading are pretty fast too. Some scenes that other players failed to run properly turned out good with this set.


2. The video quality is extremely good considering the TV doesn't come with progressive scan. Went on to try out another of his JVC DVD player, no fight, the Panasonic wins in colour, resolution and contrast. Fast forward and reverse, smooth as silk, no jerking whatsoever.


3. This baby comes with not one but two decoders ! DTS and DD. Pop in the SPR with DTS, the Ohama beach really came alive. We were dodging bullets !


4. A whole lot of other functions and features that looks very confusing to me on the remote. I guess it'll take quite some time to learn all buttons and comprehensive on-screen settings.


5. My colleague's set is manufactured in Japan unlike some other popular brands but I'm not so sure if later batches are also from Japan.


Going to SLS this weekend to hunt for one and hopefully is made in Japan too. :D




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Guest meatball

You may want to hold out a while for Panasonic's DVD-RP82. Selling at a list price of USD 230, it shldn't be very far off everyone's budget.


It's also rumoured to be DCDi capable..

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