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Where to get VGA cable?

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In SLS, I think you should only try these two shops to buy the cables. One is level 6, at the back, called Melcor or something. The other is at level 3, which is somewhere next to the handphone shop.


I think for VGA cable, there are two types, the RGB I think are refered to the low voltage ones. On the cable, it should be written there low-voltage and are usually thicker than normal ones. It should be around $11-15 at these two shops for 2m ones, while it could cost like $30-50 at the rest of the shops.

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Any computer VGA cable is functional for your purpose. The shorter the better.


But to use it for long runs, I suggest getting thicker AND heavier ones. A thick cable does not mean good, perhaps the jacket is thick and the conductor is tiny. Copper is heavy comparing to insulation, so use weight as an estimate.


LHS in SLT have good ones too. Can check it out. Good luck.


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