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What is phase control for ?

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To control the phase you of HT upgrade cycle...... whether at just upgraded (so no more cash), enjoying(saving money) or itchy for upgrade (bull market).

;D ;D ;D


Actually, use for evening out phase errors, since sub's output sonic waves can interact with room and the other spkrs.


By adjusting phase, we aim for maximum sub SPL at listening point.


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No hard & fast rule.. juz play around & c which 1 is better 4 u..


When sound from different source is in phase.. they reinforce each other...


In e same manner.. if out of phase.. they cancel off each other..


SO.. if u find e bass too boomy.. switching to 180/rev phase will solve part of e boominess...



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Normally set to 0 will be a better choice...while changing to 180 also not much difference lar...Frankly nothing much "intangibly" speaking can be said here...


Cross-over In/Out switch however does play an important role. Select In if you choose to let the Receiver/Amplifier to do the cross-over on LFE for you or vicce versa...




That's the reply given by Dr Hsu - of the HSU Research Inc.


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