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Anyone got this prob?

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When I m playing some DTS movies, sometimes the sound suddenly like cut off and the centre spk produce this "derrrrrr" sound, like the signal is loss. The mains and surround got no sound. the dvdp is still playing and it shows DTS and the amp also shows that it is receving DTS signal. Sometimes i just stop play and restart again and all is well. Sometimes i off the amp and on again and everything returns to normal. I dun think it has anything to do with overloading my spkrs. Most of the times, my vol is kept at low levels too.



i wonder whether this could be due to the disc itself. I notice it onli happens on my d9 disc. When i play originals, no such thing.

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Using Yammy 1200.


Could this be due to impedance?


There is this impedance selector behind. Left side is for main to be 4ohms or higher, center, rearcenter and rear to be 6ohms or higher while the right side is for main to be 8 ohm or higher for each spk, and also 8ohms or higher for center, rearcenter and rear.


so what if each of my main spk is 8ohms, but center is 6 ohms and the sourround are also 8 ohms. so i should select the left side on the impedance selector rite? wat is the effect of this switch? would the sound worsen since my mains are rated at 8 ohms and i select the "4 ohms and higher" option. but no choice leh since my center is 6, i cannot possibly choose 8 ohms or higher for a 6 ohms rated center rite?


pls advice. thanks.

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