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Need DVD player that play all code and with Progressive scan

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Have gone down shops to look for DVD players.


Seem like too much recommendation from different shops. One shop highly recommend Toshiba SD5300 as they are the distributor. Any one used this before


Need opionion on which brand / model to look for. Budget is $600


Thks in advance

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Get Shinco 8700PS, it's cheap and satisfies your requirement.


Note: Latest batch of Shinco 8700PS has no VGA Port.


Otherwise, all players from Pioneer and Samsung can play all code too.


True, but for cheap Players, only the Shinco 8700 has Progressive scan.


But that's only half the picture ... your TV must be able to display the Progressive scan output from the DVD Player. Only selected models can do this currently, otherwise you get a blue screen on your TV when you choose DVD progressive scan output.

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just get a shinco from kec (8700)at $315,it come with a vga output


You are a lucky man to buy from KEC.


KEC's stock still has the VGA output, but most shops' new stock of Shinco 8700 has no VGA out (to cut cost, and yet sell at old price).

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