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Help on portable cdplayer

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good old Panasonic cdplayer gave way after 5 years and was shopping around for a new one...


anyone has bought one recently and care to comment on either brands and functionailities? I just need a simple one to play cdr (will bring my disc to test of coz)


in the past, Panasonic were made in Japan and SOny was made in Malaysia... not too sure about now but Sony has so many models these days and am seriously wondering if they are worth the price...


all help much appreciated

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Well, i myself had been supporting Matsushita brands of discmans since 10years ago. Two of my discmans still kicking away. My present one is the SX500. i had used it for 3years and the antishock and power saving is damm good. I once drop my discman on the concrete floor (dist 50cm) and the earphones still intact in my ears, not a single skip of track occured. Just trust yo instincts. 8)

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I agree, I remember my first discman I bought 11 years ago. 1 bit dac and is casing is metal instead of the plastic materials they used in the subsequent model (In fact purposely choose that model over the newer ones for its built). Quite heavy though. Happy to report that it is still in working order. My mum uses it now!!


A word for Sony....


my Sony discman lasted 7 years before I "drowned" during a downpour.


I miss it very much because most of my CD purchases were first heard on it, way before I got home.


and mono sounds great...sigh...


IMHO, forget the fancy functions. Long play, good build are more important.


just my opinions

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