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Red Rose Music Amp Look-Alike Selling At...


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Just saw Red Rose Music (RRM) look-alike integrated amp at Audio Jas today. ??? ???


The amp played with Sonus Faber Concerto was very musical & dynamic. At 1st look I thought was RRM but was told the brand is "Korsun" from China. Some said they are the OEM for RRM but no concrete prove. Those that were there who have heard RRM say it sounded like the RRM.


They are still burning-in the amp. Was told it arrived a few days ago.


Based on the price range for a 50 watter integrated ($900+), 120+ watter ($? did not ask the price) & also 250watt coming in soon at $4K+ it should be a hot seller consider it a RRM at a much lower $$$$. ;D ;D





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