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Subwoofer settings

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Hi again, another newbie in need of help. Trying to figure out how to set the sub.


My mains can do down till ard 35 Hz, and so in my yammy I put the Mains as large.


My center can do till ard 45Hz, I put it as Large too.


My rears can onli go down to ard 70 Hz and I set it to Small.


Shouldn't be any prob for the above 3 rite?

Now the prob is wat is the best to set for the LFE/bass out? Should I put to sub onli or both sub and main? And on my sub wat is the recommended LFE level?


Thanks. :)

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Ya setting 4 e main & center looks ok.. however, take a pinch of salt /w e specs.. not all speakers can deliver @ extreme end of e specs.


E purpose of setting large/small is 2 tell e receiver how 2 route e bass (low freq.) signal for each channel. In ya case... oni e surround/rear signal is routed 2 e sub.


The above speaker setting together /w e crossover (check ya manual) setting determines how u should set ya subwoofer.


Assuming e crossover is 80hz... setting ya sub low pass filter to 80hz will ensure theres no overlapping of bass. E LFE level is more tricky 2 set.. unless u have a SPL / Sound level meter.. u will have 2 depend on ya ears 4 calibration. Main objective is 2 ensure e volume is e same 4 ya sub & e rest of e speakers.


Dun quite understand wat u mean by sub & main.. /w ya above speaker setting. Bass signal will be comin from ya Main/Center/Sub.



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Phil has got the jist of it.


Short of using a SPL meter, the best bet is to depend on ur ears to calibrate all speakers equally. Although our ears are least dependable on LFE.


But don't set the speaker size based primarily on their specs alone. Listen for their timber, characteristics and bass response when choosing whether large or small spkrs. Sometimes. it may sound better and appear seamless at an alternate setting.


LFE is best calibrated by SPL, coz our ears are no good for bass calibration. Even setting LFE x-over at 80Hz doesn't mean its the correct setting. Variables being AVR having different x-over freq, sub havng different response etc.


Since you've set ur mains to be large, I recommend setting sub to LFE only. Standing waves created by mains and sub at the same time will destructively cancel each other out, creating a dip in bass at certain freqencies. Besides, LFE to sub only is the preferred setting for critical music listening.


Match the centre freq response with yammy's centre EQ. Can get quite good ctr spkr response by tweaking this.


If you wish, I can help you calibrate using my SPL meter and some audio test discs for reference calibration on weekends. Free of charge of course.

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