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Audio Theories.

Guest nu-form

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Guest nu-form

A very good evening to all the audio experts out there, I'm rather new to this so perhaps someone can explain to me this few situations so I can learn soemthing from it?


Scenario One:


My friend wants a budget Hifi set so he decides to "loan" my Marantz PM6010OSE and goes down to Adelphi to get a pair of new bookcase speakers and CDP.


Using the Marantz as the base AMP for auditioning, we decided to go with the NAD C521 CDP and Wharfedale Diamond 8.1s.


When we played a music CD, it sounded bright and lacked bass and "punch". The music CD used was a Heavy Metal CD anyway.


Then under his recommendation, we replaced the Wharfedales with the Mission M71 and lo and behold! It sounded just right for him with enough power to satisfy his aureal senses.


Then we tried using the EVO One and it sounded just like the Wharfdales again.


What's the underlying lesson to be learnt from this experience? :)



Scenario Duex :


We bought 4M of this pair of thick white-colored cables which had a pair of green and purple wires within it which was recommended interconnects for my friend's setup.


I bought some myself to test out if it would work on my setup itself. (NAD C320, NAD C520, Aegis One).


When I set everyting up for him that day using these cables and played back some CDs, everything was well-defined with enough bassy punch.


Now, when I took these pair of similar cables back home and tried it out on my setup....everything became SO BRIGHT! I mean, the vocals, instruments became very apparent and my setup lost all the punch that came with my other pair of cables.


What gives here? Does a pair of cables actually affect the characteristics of the output to that a drastic level? What's the theory in this case?


Thanks for the help guys, I shall await enlightenment. :)

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Lesson learnt is "trust your own ears". Buy what you like to listen, not what others tell you to.



Theory? You really want the theory? Hahahaha... later all the "theory" people will give you all the theory you want.


Yes, cables do make a difference, but "drastic" is a subjective word.

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A little off the topic what amp yr frd brought?

Cos if he buy the cd player and speaker using yr 6010ose as a base.

It might not sound the same if he not using the same amp....


As for the evo how much is it? more than $300 right?

Cos the M71 was very reasonably priced...




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Guest nu-form

The 6010OSE belongs to me... :)


Anyway that AE EVO ONE was quoted to me at $350, the M71 was quoted for $250.


Heh, I guess nobody wants to comment on my post above....oh well. :)

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Don worry lah just the cable selecting n matching can be very fustrating. Personally have tried diff type of cable but all are within the $100 range....

They are the


Qed qunex 2

Van de Hul 102 mkiii

Belden 89259

'' '' 89207

sammotion 4480 svhs cable

sammotion sm22100 silver a/v signal cable

speaker cable

Qed silver 25 anniversary

cable talk 4.1

belden 8471

'' '' 1585a cat5 cable

1810a biwire cable

83352 spc(silver plated copper)cheaper alternative to the silver 25th anni qed

Audiospec ooc( dun know what it stand for) pure copper spk cable

After tried all the endless combination of diff cables...


Came to a conclusion that all sound different and can be very confusing if u switch too often.

Plus all the comment and mumbo jumbo on what is bright and laidback...

The performance of the cable will sound different in different setup as u have mentioned above.

So i guess that why they refrain from making any comment on a subject which is so subjective..


Btw, now i using the 89259 and 1810a for my setup

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