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Warning to those using Tosh TV with Nintuas

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I think this is quite serious thus starting this new tread.


Pls do not upgrade the Player with the new firmware if you are using tosh Prog TV. I have just upgraded it and had encounter blue screen for all codes of disc while watching it under the progressive mode. It's not like a few second only... it's something like all the way for the whole film :P


So Toshiba guys beware.


I guess there's only non progressive picture for me right now :'(




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That will be a good idea though.


Anyway to add further, the upgrading of the firmware is not all bad. I found that the upgrade did improve the picture quality for it's normal compoent video out by few notch up. Thought i was watching using progressive mode in the first place ;D


The tweaking of picture enhancement mode by the nintuas engineers not only improves the pic mode control error from the old firmware but also manage to fine tune it's picture quality. It looks somehow less edgy and detail then the last time.


Had also tested using the progressive vga out by connecting to my monitor. No blue screen or whatever found. Guess i need to change the TV instead!!!! ;D

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