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projector or plasma

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I am currently using a RPTV 48" but I am feeling inadequate already haha, no thanks to all the projector setups in this forum. Really drool.


However Plasma pricing is dropping like mad :o

Will this be something like a lifestyle product, abit a definitive one?


Which will be better for getting the ultimate cinematic feel? Your views please. Timeline is 2years from now.

Meanwhile, I can start saving already :)



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Plasma's biggest screen size is only a fraction of a projectors, in all considerations.


Plasma can drop to $3k tomorrow, and I'll still buy a pj for the same price.


2yrs down, DLP-2s would have reached Singapore's shores at prices equivalent or less than plasma.


The ultimate lifestyle symbol would really be a DLP-2 16:9 pj, with motorised screens, automated curtains, fully programmable lighting scenery dimmer and a touch-screen remote. Of course, with a sound system that would be the 7th wonder of the world.


Of course, plasmas would be more like a replacment for Tvs, thats all.

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Guest joamonte

ya...Plasma strong point r ,like d CRT TV,they can watch at bright room...


HT?....unless they can come out with a 100" screen and more importantly,a mode that can dimm it bright output to enable us to watch in the Dark/ half dark like cinema.... ;D

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Actually, it really depends on what you want, if you want large screen PQ and a real home theatre experience, NOTHING comes close to a good PJ, as the largest plasma screen, is only 61" and contrast is not as good as the smaller screens.


Plasma's only advantage, is it can be used in bright lights, but IMO that takes away the cinematic experience and for that, a 34" 4:3 or 16:9 CRT would do just fine.

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