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is bettercable recommended?

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Guest duckling

That's great!!


I am using their Digital Coaxial cable and Video Component cable.


Nothing great abt the Digital Coaxial cable but the Video Component cable is really good - improve PQ.


Saw in other forum that their Video Component cables are almost identical to Belden & Canare, didn't do a A/B comparison thou.


What I suggest you can do is to try out the Belden or Canare Video Component cables first. If PQ meet your expectation, you will save a lot of money.

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Bettercables uses cables made by Canare and Belden. I read this from AVS who once had Brad Marcus (from Bettercables) as special guest.


You might be better of give Belden and Canare a DIY try. Remember to use broadcast quality cables from either.


Of course, you'll be losing out on the "bettercables" brand and the skill and quality of soldering. Remember to use Canare RCAP RCAs and the CORRECT crimper.

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