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Leaving ur equiptment on

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Hi all,


Slog the whole nite, HT almost up.


Just a question that pop into my mine. Do u all leave ur av amp, sub on all the time or maybe at standby for receiver? My audio setup in another room is always on unless i m not using it for more than a week. but how abt HT equipment?


thanks all. yammy owners alert, i may have questions i dun understand to ask here. hehehe...:)

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From the perspective of energy saving,

I switched off most of my equips, after setting

them to standby.


Old equips can consume > 2W of energy on standby.

New ones should be around 1-2W. Look for the

green label. ( My pioneer DVD is very proud of consuming

< 2W on standby, and they're sure to advertise that ).


Here's a rough calc.

if 5 devices on standy at 2W each for a month, it'll


5 * 2W * 24 * 30 = 7200 W Hour.

That's like one night of air-con? May be insignificant,

but a Watt save is a Watt save.


Just a small bit to save fossil fuel in a country without

fossil fuel.

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