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Convergence for Sony RPTV

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Hi. Any users of Sony KP-ES series of RPTVs in here?


Is there any other way of doing convergence on the TV besides that single auto convergence button. Hidden menu? Keystroke combination?


Or must I can only get Sony to do it?


Thanks, folks!

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Make sure you know what you doing first.


When your unit is off, in standby mode,


press the following buttons on your remote i sequence,


i+ button

5 button

volumn up button

the small screen button, should be a small square just below the power on/off button.


This will bring you to the service mode.


Buttons 1 & 4 selects the items to adjust

Buttons 3 & 6 raise and lower the value

Muting writes

0 excutes the write.

i+ and 0 writes 50hz to 60hz


Check out some of the other forums on what the values actually does.



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Thanks Oliver.


I went through the sequence. The TV just came on with no indication that it was in service mode.


Is this how it is supposed to be or could I have done something wrong?


BTW could you please point to the other forums?


Many thanks again!

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