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Jason's Platinum Series

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A lot of people didn't like 'Jason X'. That was evident from it's box office receipts. Most fans of the series still got on board to see Jason kill space teens, but the word of mouth wasn't good enough to give it any legs. So it was gone almost as soon as it came.


No fear, thought, New Line (unlike Paramount) knows what the fans want: BIG DVD releases. And so they deliver...


October 8th will see the release of 'Jason X' on DVD as a huge New Line Platinum Edition, complete with a 1.85:1 anamorphic transfer, and your choice of Dolby Digital or DTS Surround sound. Features will include an audio commentary with director Jim Isaac, writer Todd Farmer and producer Noel Cunningham, two featurettes called 'The Many Lives of Jason Vorhess' and 'By Any Means Necessary: The Making of Jason X', a new "jump to death" feature where you can see only the death scenes (NICE!), trailers, and DVD-ROM features like "script-to-screen". Good stuff.


Also on October 8th, as an added bonus, New Line is releasing 'Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday' as a slightly less packed DVD. It will come with the "jump to death" feature, along with commentary from director Adam Marcus and writer Dean Lorey. Both the R-rated an Unrated versions will be available.


Now we can only hope that Paramount sees how well these discs do and go back to give the first 8 their proper SE releases.



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