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Why should I pay $20 for an album with only 2 songs I like?

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Today's Sunday Times has a feature article on page 2 & 3 regarding the music sales industry and mp3s. The article talks about the decrease in sales of CDs on the overall and how retailers like Borders, HMV and Towers had to trim the fat off their retail shelf space in response to this downturn.


I quote from the paper on the second paragraph of the fifth column on pg2 "But speak to music executives and they wil insist that it is technology that is crippling the industry". I expected no less from them.


I'm sure lots of you here have bought more than a couple of hundred CDs. Have come across CDs with only a couple of nice tracks and the rest of the aluminium stuffed with fillers. I myself own a little more than 200 and have paid up to $42 for a single CD album with most of them being imports averaging above $25.


Let's talk about this. Feel free to rant, bitch, or simply express your opinions.

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Guest jasonvii


I am one that normally buys CD with one 2-3 songs that I like. Usually after intially scanning, I will keep playing that 2-3 songs only. From this aspect, it may be a waste of money. But the efforts of musicians/artistes must be recognsied and protected.


I am keen on value of money (be it original CD or MP3) but would not sacrefice quality. Is MP3 as good as the original CD? That's the question that I am asking myself.

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