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Newbie question about Creative Subwoofer

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Hi, I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to audio equipment so please bear with me here. :P


I got this set of Creative Inspire 4.1 4400 subwoofer speakers bundled with another purchase. It's meant to be for a PC but I already have a subwoofer setup on my PC so I was thinking I'd use it on my bedroom TV so it wouldn't go to waste.


However, it uses two line-in cables (one for front speakers, one for rear speakers), so may I if it's possible to find cables that connect from the AV out of my TV set to the two line-in ports on the subwoofer? (I've only seen AV out to a single line-in jack cables.)


Sorry if this question sounds really stupid or something but I'm really quite blur at such things and just wanna get some help here. Thanks in advance. :)

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