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Anyone heard of Ambisonics?


"Ambisonics goes further than stereo in that what it does (to first order) is to sample the acoustic field in such a way that the combination of the signals from all the loudspeakers in the array produces ... a reconstruction of the original acoustic wave field (both travelling and standing wave components). If a listener puts his head in the sound field, because the wavefronts are similar to the original, the perception of directionality and space should correspond to the original too. It is a "wavefront reconstruction" scheme in the small. The ear signals (crosstalk and all) will be correct if the reconstructed wavefronts are correct. This is just like natural hearing. Increasing the number of loudspeakers in Ambisonics (each fed its correctly-decoded signal) increases the accuracy of the reconstruction and the region over which it holds up. The interaural arrival-time differences also correspond to natural hearing in Ambisonics."







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I've heard an early version of the Ambisonics decoder. Nice soundstage but I felt that the transparency and clarity wasn't that good. Perhaps with the latest technology/improvements and better parts it could be much better...

Btw the application of this technology on Home Theater sounds very interesting too...




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