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Dog Soldiers

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Just saw this low-budget Brit horror/comedy flick today. It's kind of a British version of Predator but instead of an alien, a group of British soldiers had a close encounter with a pack of werewolves in the remote Scottish highlands.


I found it rather entertaining, right up there with An American Werewolf in London with a good script, sudden shocks (expected or otherwise) and a twist in the ending.


Just try not to see it after a particularly heavy meal of rare steak ! I have not seen a show with that much blood and gore in years ! The show in literally flowing with blood, intestines, and dismembered body parts and internal organs and the action is particularly gruesome with disembowelment, decapitation, dead cow dropping from heaven (no, really it's true !), victims being shredded into minced meat swimming in pools of blood, and so on. I'm surprised that so much actually got past our illustrious censors. Maybe they were distracted by the World Cup at the time perhaps ;D. Anyway, it's our gain. And I can't wait for the dvd to come out to catch those parts that did not escape our censor's scissors. Hopefully, it is a Director's Cut with lots of deleted scenes too !

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Guest Jerry

This movie is great! It doesn't rely too much on special effects but emphasized more on the suspense and action, making it an intense experience. I was gripping the arm of my seat the whole time when the werewolves attacked. :P

Gonna get this on DVD!

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