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AVIA Guide to Home Theatre

Guest joamonte

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Guest joamonte

thanks Jag




duckling,any idea what different between the content of"Sound & Vision Home Theater Tune-Up"and AVIA....


i try up the THX Video set up section in the X-man DVD but found that its useless...since many people said that AVIA is good i was thinking of take a try.....but if both DVD content are about the same,maybe i can save $50... ;D




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Guest joamonte

thanks again duckling


i think i will get the AVIA coz tis test seem useful....


Grayscale & Levels


Needle Pulses

Needle Pulses + Steps

Black Bars + Log Steps

Black Bars

Black Bars + Half Gray

Black Bars + Half White

Vertical 10 IRE Steps

Horizontal 10 IRE Steps

Crossed Step Scale

Vertical Brightness Steps

Horizontal Brightness Steps

Vertical Gray Ramp

Horizontal Gray Ramp

Crossed Horizontal Gray Ramp

Crossed Vertical Gray Ramp


10 IRE Window

20 IRE Window

30 IRE Window

40 IRE Window

50 IRE Window

60 IRE Window

70 IRE Window

80 IRE Window

90 IRE Window

100 IRE Window

20 IRE Window

Black Bars

10 IRE Field

20 IRE Field

30 IRE Field

40 IRE Field

50 IRE Field

60 IRE Field

70 IRE Field

80 IRE Field

90 IRE Field

100 IRE Field


Geometry and Convergence


Center Cross 30 IRE

Center Cross 50 IRE

Center Cross 100 IRE

Crosshatch 30 IRE

Crosshatch 50 IRE

Crosshatch 100 IRE

Crosshatch Inverse

Dot Hatch 30 IRE

Dot Hatch 50 IRE

Dot Hatch 100 IRE

Dot Hatch Inverse

Circle Hatch 30 IRE

Circle Hatch 50 IRE

Circle Hatch 100 IRE

Dots 30 IRE

Dots 50 IRE

Dots 100 IRE

Gray Field Dots

White Field Dots

Black Field Plus

Gray Field Plus

White Field Plus

Checkerboard 30 IRE

Checkerboard 50 IRE

Checkerboard 100 IRE


Letterbox Geometry


Crosshatch 1.66 30 IRE

Crosshatch 1.66 50 IRE

Crosshatch 1.66 100 IRE

Crosshatch 1.78 30 IRE

Crosshatch 1.78 50 IRE

Crosshatch 1.78 100 IRE

Crosshatch 1.85 30 IRE

Crosshatch 1.85 50 IRE

Crosshatch 1.85 100 IRE

Crosshatch 2.0 30 IRE

Crosshatch 2.0 50 IRE

Crosshatch 2.0 100 IRE

Crosshatch 2.35 30 IRE

Crosshatch 2.35 50 IRE

Crosshatch 2.35 100 IRE


Widescreen Enhanced


WSE Crosshatch 30 IRE

WSE Crosshatch 50 IRE

WSE Crosshatch 100 IRE

WSE Crosshatch Inverse

WSE Circle Hatch 30 IRE

WSE Circle Hatch 50 IRE

WSE Circle Hatch 100 IR

WSE Dot Hatch Inverse

WSE Dot Hatch 30 IRE

WSE Dot Hatch 50 IRE

WSE Dot Hatch 100 IRE

WSE Dots 30 IRE

WSE Dots 50 IRE

WSE Dots 100 IRE

WSE Resolution




Resolution 100 TVL

Resolution 200 TVL


Sweep 50%


Multiburst (Labeled)

Multiburst 50%

Multiburst 50% (Labeled)



Color Adjustment


Blue Bars

Red Bars

Green Bars

Split Color Bars

Split Bars with Gray

Crossed Bars

Minimum Phase Bars

Maximum Phase Bars

Full Bars

Split 100/75 Bars

Full 100 Bars

Split 100 Bars

Full 50 Bars

Split 50 Bars

Yellow Field

Cyan Field

Green Field

Red Field

Magenta Field

Blue Field


Special Tests


Color Decoder Check

Y/C Delay

Zone Plate

Moving Zone Plate

Moving Zone Plate (Low Bit Rate)

Gamma Chart

16 Rectangle


Overscan Bounce

Pixel Cropping

Backlight Levels

Modulated Steps

Modulated Ramp

High Hot Spot 0% to 300%

Mid Hot Spot 0% to 300%

Low Hot Spot 0% to 300%




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I've never used Sound & Vision Home Theater Tune Up disc before.


I use Avia and I found it slightly better than VE. Avia gives 3 colour-corect filters to properly adjust RGB field values.


AVIA's video test is technically sound. I feel actually more comprehensive than VE. Not sure about S&V thou.


Audio test.... I believe is not so important, but Avia is much much much better than THX optimode.


Most of the video test may not apply to digital pjs. They were designed for CRT pjs and TVs.


But you'll feel Avia is worth its price!


My prefence is: AVIA

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Avia actually is better as it offers explanations on how to use its audio and video test patterns.


Video test is very comprehensive, audio test is great. But have to be careful and how u set it coz it can seem confusing initially.


But Avia doesn't have 6.1 calibration. But then Avia was published when DD-EX and DTS-ES were still lab experiments! :P

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