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Difference between Mission m7ds and m77d?

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There seems to be 2 different mission bipole surrounds being the cheaper M7ds from the m774, m773 series and the m77ds from the mission 77 series.


i never had a chance to have both in a same shop to listen to.


could anyone who have heard or own them please comment on the difference between the 2?


i was hoping to get either one in 4 pieces so as to create a 7.1 surround.


so which one?


slightly cheaper m7ds or the pricier m77d?



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Guest jonlee

m7ds belongs to the m71, m72... series. made in malaysia.


m77ds beongs to the 771, 773...seriec. made in england.


very slight difference if used as surrounds as quite difficult to test unless in a perfectly quite room. but with the price diff of only $50, might as well get the made in england one.


btw...I tested both at kec, also cannot hear much diff, but bought the england one....

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Guest duckling

Just enquired abt the m77ds 2 weeks ago. Neither KEC nor Asia Sound carry this model anymore. I'd also asked Asia Sound to bring in new shipment but was unfound. According to Mission UK, it is in limited availabities.

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ahhh, i heard that kec has got the new m5 bipole surrounds already. wonder how they sound anyway.


btw are the differences between a bipole and a normal front firing speaker alot?


do owners of bipole surrounds prefer them or the std forward firing speakers?

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