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Pls help. I broke the binding posts on my speakers!


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Hi all,


i have a bad problem. My speakers fell off the stands and came quite apart. Other than fitting them back together again, I broke the binding posts!


Please advise, can binding posts be replaced?


Also, if anyone is kind enough, could i just know an approximate cost to have them replaced? say $50? 100?'



Q35s on stands never again.


Now the entire speaker cabinet esp. the edges are dented. bad, but maybe double up and use them as pc speakers then.



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Sorry to hear about your speakers. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with your spk, so I can only give you some starting points to look at.


1. Can your Binding post be removed from the back ? There are some speakers that have those black plastic molded binding post module that can be removed by taking the 4 screws at the corners. Not so common these days.....

If by looking at it you can't remove it from the back then you have to access it by taking out the woofer.

2. After taking out the woofer you probably can see the that the Spk binding post is held by a nut, there is also the internal speaker wires which you have to disengage from the binding post nut as well , loosed this nut and the binding post come off easily. If you can get a similar binding post just plug it in and you are done.

This is a very general guideline. Email me if you need more help I'll see what I can do.

Good Luck.















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