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Need Help:Looking for Home Ent System

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Guest ordos71

is JVC TH-A9 worthwile to buy as compare to Pioneer HT-77?

was told JVC model got progressive scan while 77 do not have

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Not sure about the quality of the progressive chips in these HT in a box systems. Good progressive scans dvd player will cost you at least 700 unless you are referring to shinco 8700. I believe HT in a box type system most likely use the most economical parts to mass market it. Secondly you must make sure your TV can take in progressive scan signals. There are many many so call "Progressive Scan" TVs but most are marketing bullshit. There are couple of real ones though.


My buddy just bought HT77 for 890 inclusive of GST and multi coded. Very good value and very sleek looking. Wife factor very high.

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only bad thing I can say about the Pioneer so far is


NO COMPONENT!!! only s-video


other than that for $900 (sub-1000 category) it is a good buy and judging frm the size of most HDB living room, it will do nicely.


You can always upgrade later as your finances allow

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