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Philips Pixel Plus TV

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Just learnt that the Singapore launch of Philips' revolutionary Pixel Plus (Progressive Scan) TVs will be in August for the 29" and 34" 4 x 3 sets. Pixel Plus not only has a line doubler, they also double the number of actual viewing Pixels from 1024 to 2048, the first TV in the world that achieves this technically advanced feature.


Amazing clarity is thus achieved from TV sources and needless to say, DVD viewing.


The British model has a wireless 5.1 with 3 built-in speakers plus a sub-woofer, plus wireless (supplied) rear speakers. A great new feature is Active Control, a Philips innovation that automatically assesses incoming pictures and adjusts various aspects of the picture to optimise the way the image appears on-screen. There is a picture zoom facility up to 16 x, three levels of noise reduction, 100 Hz and Double Line modes, besides the full Pixel Plus mode.


To quote from the review in May's issue of What Video & TV :


" The picture it shows from every source is nothing short of stunning. The colours are scintillating, with immaculate containment, awesome vitality and ultra-smooth saturation. The 32PW9617 (for UK only, Singapore's set is the 36" widescreen) images look sharper, more detailed and even more three-dimensional than those we'd seen on any other TV before. Pixel Plus adds an astounding amount of extra definition which leaves Sony's DRC-MF technology trailing behind. "


The much-anticipated 36" Widescreen model will be launched in Septamber. Reviews by British mags say that it is the best TV they have ever seen. Waiting anxiously for the Widescreen model. ;D


The 29" and 34" 4 x 3 sets will be priced to fight, and perhaps priced lower than (hint, hint) Sony's new DR series (which is Sony's first TV that can display true Progressive Scan from Progressive Scan DVD Players).


So those of you looking for a new TV that will open your eyes are advised to wait for the launch of the Pixel Plus range !




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There is nothing special about TVs with built-in line doublers aka deinterlacers. All TVs with progressive scanning modes actually have built-in deinterlacers. Only thing is that some like Sony and Philips do not have circuits to accept externally deinterlaced signals. Usually, the built-in deinterlacers in such TVs are inferior in quality to the external ones and hence such TVs if they accept external progressive signals do exhibit better picture quality.


Let's hope that the Philips Pixel Plus's internal deinterlacer is of equal if not better quality than those in progressive scan dvd players.

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