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Bookshelf vs Floorstanding speakers


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need some comments from u guys,,,


Currently for my HT system, I am using a sony av amp powering a pair of MS floor standing speakers...I also have a pair of Tannoy M2 bookshelf speakers in my room


I had tried hooking up the tannoy to the sony and played some audio and dvd using the same volume if I was to use the MS...but I noticed that the Tannoy's speaker cone tend to vibrate with "bigger amplitude" compared with the MS which should be normal..



the question which I like to ask,,,if there is a sudden strong signal in DVD or say CD,,,will the cone burst ?

I am using a yammy sub only when playing DVD...


cos it looked so "fragile" to me..I noticed some of the members here use bookshelf speakers in ur HT/audio setup,,,,any concern when playing back DVD ?




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Guest joamonte

dun understand ur question...


why you need to use Tannoy M2 bookshelf speakers since u got MS floor standing speakers?...u want to sell away ur MS floor standing??.....and every speaker will cone burst when not handle carefully,its notthing to do with using subwoofer or not!


mnnn...actually what is ur concern?

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firstly.. the is someting u should know .. that is called speaker impedance.... u firstly got to know ur OUTPUT impedance of ur sony amp.. it could be 6ohmz or 8ohmz...



MOST floorstanders have an impedance of 8 OHMZ so if..


FOR EXAMPLE ur amp is a 8 OHMZ amp & lets say 100watts... to ur FLOOR STANDERS AGAIN assuming its 8OHMZ power handling = 70 to 100watts


the true put to ur speakers or FLOORSTANDERS is 100watts


now for ur tannoy mx2.. no.. i mean m2 its power recommended i tink if i'm not wrong its.. 10watts to 80watts... @ 8ohmz

so.. the OUTPUT on ur amp is 100watts..

now tats & OVERPOWER... its usually not recommended


u'll be seeing tat ur mid woofer cones' excursion is frightening... coz the imput power is higher dan usual recommended...


& the IMPEDANCE part is playing its part too... if amp's output is 100watts @ 8 ohmz


if for example u used a speaker tat is 6ohmz in impedance... the power going thru ur speakers will not be 100watts anymore... it'll me @ 125watts!! OUCH! :o


correct me if my theory is wrong.. coz tat is wad i always do when selecting suitable speakers for amps...


OH YAH! there is one more ting know as SENSITIVITY.. can anyone explain... i do not know how to calculate it


but if i'm not wrong.. the higher the SENSITIVITY the output volume increases more when a little more volume is inputted


wihch means... if u turn the volume knob higher by a bit.. the output volume increases alot more..

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yup u r right....


reason why I wanna use the M2 instead of MS...is the m2 looked more chio,,and its mid range is better than the MS,,afterall it is meant more for audio usage instead of HT....but have decided to pass them to my bro ...


thx for ur replies

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