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S-video cables, pricer = better?

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juz wondering, is there a difference btw a 15bucks s-video cable and a 40-50 dollar cable, eg, those sold by Daiyo?


is there a noticeable difference for normal 29" TVs that would warrant the extra cost? comments from anyone who had tried?



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Guest duckling

Forget abt Daiyo, get the Monster Video 3 (S-Video Cable) - available from Tat Chuan Audio @ Adelphi.


If your TV is capable of component input - get component cable.

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Forget about Daiyo. Have tried Robert's S-Video cable before...value for money. If you want to spend more, QED's & Chord Company's S-Video cables are great.


However, like Duckling said, buy Component Video Cables if your setup allows..... You won't be disappointed.

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or try the belden s-video cable. robert will be able to do up one for u. 2m will be about $18.

where can this robert be found? thanks.


lhs Electronics Enterprise #02-27 , SLT

Tel 2932242


Mon to Tues, 9am to 6pm.

Sat, 9am to 1pm or 2pm.

Sun & PH closed.



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