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problems with video in and component input

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I just purchased my new sanyo plc-sw15 pj.I'm very happy with its fine picture quality,but i have only one problem which is that its video input is combining with its component input.I'm actually planning to use video input for my vcr tuner to watch tv programmes while component input for dvd but now how. ???Are there selling any component switches like 2 to 1. pls help :-[

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Guest joamonte

its usless to connect it to a 2 to 1 swicthes,cos if i am not wrong as long as u connect the all 3 component cable into the projector,its composite(video)input will not work.


u can do a test by connecting the 3 component RCA input to the projector and let the blue and red connect to nothing,and the yellow connect to ur TV tuner,the projector cant sence the composite when all 3 component are connect into it,not even u select the input to video in the menu....


there are few way u can try to watch TV or LD with ur projector...


1.buy a S-video VCR around 400++ and use its S-video out to connect to ur projector.


2.buy a second hand DVDO double liner connect to ur TV tuner(make sure it can support PAL if u connect it to ur video)or DVDP (if ur DVDP dont had PScan)and use its VGA to connect it to u projector.


3.connect ur VCR to a composite to S-video adapter(about $15+/-) and then to ur projector S-video in...it will be the cheaper way if can work,for me it work on my LDP but not on my SCV out composite(dont know why,when connect to SCV modem,got image,but some kind of scaning line about 1/10 of the picture high keep coming up from the bottem to top.....)i got my composite to S-video adapter from JAG who is a active member in these forum.


hope tis help



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