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Shinco 8700 in HK !

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Just came back from HK and saw the Shinco 8700 in a shop near Ladies Market ...


Wow, can't believe it, it's only priced at S$200 !


Other brands available, including Skyworth, except Nintaus.


For those who're going, it's along the electronic street. However, it's not one of those cut-throat flashy ones, but on 2nd floor, led by a small staircase :-)


Nearly tempted to buy it as a 3rd set, but resisted the temptation :-P

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I didn't check other shops, just so happened that my collegue want to check out some "not-so-popular" stores ...


Didn't bother to ask the mainstream store along electronic streets, coz my cantonese is too poor .. if I speak Chinese/English, sure kena chop carrot head :-P


BTW, the same shop, the digital camera are about 20% cheaper than in Singapore and the Panny AE100 is selling at S$2400 (cheap??)


Last but not least, dunno if the above are all "water goods"

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Won't be surprised if it is.


Been to H.K. couple of times in the past months. Found that their HDCDs (sold at temple street and "woman's" street to be excellent bargains. Cost about HK$35 (about S$8/-) for each compared to HK$100+ per CD in places like HMV. In S'pore HDCDs cost about S$30


I actually bought some and went to a proper CD shop to ask. Turned out that those small stalls/shops sell "water goods". In the case of these HDCDs, they're original but pressed for the China market where disposable income is a lot lower.


Brought them back to try and the quality was excellent... much better than ordinary CDs!!

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Hmm, I was a bit skeptical about those CD sold around temple street/ladies market.


How can one be sure that it's HDCD ? Anyway to identify it by looking at the disc ?


Scrub that recommendation. Tested them on my PC's window media player. HDCD light does not come on so chances are, they're fakes!! Sound fantastic though.


You can tell a HDCD disc by looking at the jacket. It's say "HDCD", just like "SACD" or "XRCD" recordings.



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Heeehhheee ... Yes I am :-)


Still driving my faithful Sunny :-P


Having been visiting the SEAT forums for ages :-)


Switched my interest to something else (e.g. HT) after "clearing my mind" of cars :-)



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