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50Hz bass cross-ver is better

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I was surprised to see a recent Q&A by www. hometheaterhifi.com saying that 80Hz x-over was high. I also find that 80Hz cross-over used in DD to be quite high, finally someone else feels the same way too.


My sub is configured for 50Hz cut-off with my mains configured as large. My mains roll-off (-3db) at about 40Hz. Bass is much cleaner, not boomy at 50Hz.


Compared to of letting the rxr x-over at 80/90Hz and letting sub reproduce 80-120Hz, I felt this way was not getting the best out of system. It all sounded boomy, uneven and inconsistent.


Anyway, from a few experiments, x-over slope is always gentle. Even on the best subs, the sub's low pass filter still allows 150Hz thru even though its set at 80Hz. Even worse, it introduces some phase error wrt the original signal.


If u got full range mains and a sub with x-over adjustment, give this a try:


1) Sub x-over at 150Hz, LFE as 0.1 only and fronts as small.

2) Sub x-over at 150Hz, fronts as small.

3) Sub x-over at 50Hz, fronts as large.


Compare as post your findings.


I personally feel my system produces bass best with the last settings. Sub-bass really well controlled. Accurate since there is little interaction with the large main btw 20-50Hz. At 50-150Hz, my sub is slowly overtaken by the large mains. At this region, the bass is much tighter, meatier and fast. No more slow slur from the sub.




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Guest joamonte

agree!IMO if ur rear spk and centre spk can produce bass til 50hz(floor standner)and have enough punch on mid bass,u can even set all 5 channel to large and let the sud woofer incharge only the LFE(the ".1" channel).


i once hear a demo on A)5 wilson WATT/PUPPY with all channel set to large and one sub woofer only to produce LFE compare with B)5 WATT only with two sub woofer crossover at 120Hz, follow the THX standard some years ago,and 100% of the people in the demo felt that A) is much much much better then B)!


i think other then the phase error problem u mention,one of the other reason is,other than the LFE,all 5 channel all have its own low/mid bass information signal and detail,thus when we set the crossover point too high and let only one sub woofer to handle that,many of the directional mid/low bass signal will suffer and loss.


the idea of 80 hz crossover point in HT is actually to let those who only have small 5 channel spk to incharge only 80 hz above,and let the sub woofer produce all the 5 channel low bass (...other then only in charge of the LFE .1 channel)....so that not to "stress" the 5 small spk with all that low bass.


but i belive if ur 5 channel are good enough to handle those below 80 hz signal,set all spk to large and let the sub woofer sing only the LFE will be a better idea.


BTW my setting is exactly same with u Jag :)...i set the front to large and rear to 50Hz without a centre spk,my two sub woofer place directly below my rear spk to prevent the feeling of the rear channel low bass(below 50hz)is coming from else where.



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I've set all channels to be full range. So, any 60Hz to 120Hz in LFE is actually made up for in the front main channels.


Anyone else uses large speakers? Care to give your findings?

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By setting the Main to large alone is not going to produce the mid-bass of the LFE. It'll only produces the mid-bass of the Front Mains. For my Yammy-800, the LFE had to be set to sent to the front, only than will the Front Main produce both the LFE's mid bass and also it's own mid bass. Otherwise I'll be losing the mid bass of the LFE. But the mid bass of the front channel will still be produced by the Front Main. I hope can talking sense here.



For my case, I also set my front to large. But my LFE setting is directed only to the Sub, which is in by-pass mode(No Crossover). For my Front only deals with it's own mid bass, without the additional load to deal with the LFE mid-bass. While my SUB is handling only the LFE's full range from 35hz(Sub not that good to go lower) to 120hz, but without the Front channel mid-bass(60-120hz).



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Ah yes, thats the setting to illustrate the point. I think abit of miscommunication here. Yes, theorectically, it seems you'll lose mid bass from LFE.


But practically, the subs low pass filter is not a brick wall; instead its a gentle slope. So, effectively, I'm x-overing at my mains lower roll-off freq, which is around 50Hz. So there shouldn't be lossing anything above 50Hz on the LFE.


On my Yammy2200, all channels are set to large, Bass set to sub.


So in this setting, all speakers are full range. Each speaker will be handling its own bass signals.


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i tried 80hz xover and found it too boomy in the mid-bass too. So now I set my xover to 60hz and send everything below that to my REL. Much better integration and better clarity too..

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