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I admire those great pics. :)


Do you think I can view your RPTV?


Also why do you need a Extron scaler when the D-VHS feed is already HD, if not at 1080i or 720P?


However, currently, I and an aussie fren is following up on the D-Theater machine, but the software is limited and sound is an issue now. :(


CH Yeow

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Hi Yeow,


Only use the scaler for DVDs and VCR signal. For D-VHS is direct connection. Only have one tape that is Gladiator at 1080i. Will check out your 808 as promise when time permit currently got a busy schedule :)

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Just to add the output from the D-VHS player for HD is Component tri-level sync. Other projector that can't directly accept this type of signal, I convert them first into RGBS signal with the built-in decoder in the switcher.

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