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anyone wants to have a go at this?

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oohhh...what have u upgraded to this time round?


Not upgrading this time,downgrading cos i don have the time to listen to music at all,sometimes not even once every week,so tot of selling n use a simple setup... will upgrade back again until i can have some free time to enjoy my music... ;)

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well, you could always just play a song before you go to sleep. that's like, 5 minutes? (warm up? change to SS amps lah :P ) I had used to go 2 weeks without spinning anything at all ....


there are not many 506.20 I know around, so...*wink*



Canot lah...listen 5min mus use another 5min to switch on everythin,by tat time i aledi dose off...i oso cant bear to part with it but have to,alot of buyers have emailed me bt still haven reply to any of them yet...looks like i still have feelings for it :'(

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