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Big Kahuna & The Copa Cat Pack


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Anyone knows if I can get this big band's CDs in Singapore? It's recorded on Concord Jazz.


Otherwise, please recommend me a good online CD shop. Was looking at amazon.com and cdnow.com, and not sure by their shipping rates.


Why is there a price for "Shipment", and another price for "Per Item"? So how does that work out if I wanna buy, say.. 2 CDs ?





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so far only checked with HMV. It's not in their catalog.. not even a single album by this group.


haven't checked with Borders yet.


just did a "mock" purchase on amazon.com..


2 albums by Big Kahuna - US$14.99 x 2

1 by Tony Bennett - US$13.40

Normal int'l shipping - US$11.46


Did another mock on cdnow.com

CD prices & shipping are slightly more ex than Amazon.


Any other online cd shops to recommend?

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Thanks Tool! Finally something constructive from you! Hahahaha.. just kidding ;)


OK.. went to Barns..indeed it's the cheapest of the 3:


The Big Kahuna albums - US$13.98 + US$13.49 (the cheapest)

Tony Bennett - US$16.48 (the most ex though)

Shipping - $7.85 (international air) <-- surprise surprise

Total - US$51.80.





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