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new HD 2 DMD 16:9 chip...

Guest joamonte

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Guest joamonte

HD2 16:9 DMD is on the way...currently most of it will use in the RP HDTV,hopfully by end of tis year some of it will send to manufacter for the FP pototype...


HD2/Mustang LVDS




Tilt:12 deg.


match with new DDP1010 DLP CONTROL ASICS that combin the current DDP1000 and DPF2A (Noise reduction/video enhancement and Graphics/video alpha blending)together...therefor will reduce the price of HD2 tecno(maybe same price with HD1)


·YUV, RGB Data Input

·Color Space Conversion

·Noise reduction/video enhancement

·Graphics/video alpha blending

·ARM Processor

·Advanced color management

·DMD Formatting, Image Enhancement

Memory I/F:RDRAM

Compatibility::LVDS Family of DMDs


maybe the new SEQUENTIAL COLOR RECAPTURE(SCR) color wheel that produces a 40 percent boost in lumen output will use with HD2 further reduce the cost....


note that current HD2 HP-XB31 used the 4:3 HD 2 chip(for DATA,not for HT) look something like tis.



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Nice...... maybe for my next pj many years down the road.


I'll just stick to LCD for the moment. Mature technology.


I'm sure rainbows will be "Here today, gone tomorrow"


Com'on TI, make it cheap!

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