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Pjs in PC Show. Good & bad experience.

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Went to PC show today to scout for bargain PJs.


First, stopped by at the AV media to talk to the salesguy. Panny performance poor, due to composite video input. Selling at $2600 w/o GST. Very nice guys and friendly.


Went over to see epson EMP50 pj. Not bad image, although I spotted lotsa colour drift. Sky blue took on a green hue. At $2999, it was a good buy, but sales did not have much info on the new epson pj. In fact, he was not very familar with pjs. But he seemed to know enough to sell and not trying to fool me.


Then went over to BenQ. My bad experience of the day was with a chap there. Performance wise, the $2888 DLP was good. Rainbows not very visible. Took a long time for me to spot rainbows. Overall, a great pj, if not for the low lamp life. I would have bought this pj on the spot if not for this "brilliant" saleguy. (No names released to protect myself)


He said that his shop sold many brands of pj.... he knows much about pjs.....how good this pj is compared to LCD. However, I got really pissed off when he started his "pressure" sales saying the price valid only during the show. He said that he was making a loss by selling at $2888 during the show and that the booth itself costs $50K to construct. WTF, what is that supposed to mean?


Then I asked him how long the lamp life is. He replied 1500hrs. I clarifed by asking "In normal mode or eco mode?" He gave me the blur look. I simplified it saying "In long life mode?" He replied "Oh, all pjs he sells so far does not have a long life eco mode." HUH?!?!


I immediately knew he what giving me BS. Umimpressed, I "tested" him further. I asked, "Does this pj have the rainbow effect?" His next reply confirmed his BS. "Har? What is rainbow effect?"


He sells many projectors in his shop and he telling me he is ignorant about rainbow effect? What a load of crap. So I asked him how DLP works. He claimed ignorance. I explained to him briefly and gave me this sarcastic remark "Waaaah, so good ah". By now, I was getting fed-up with his attitude. He was just about to lose a potential customer.


But the straw that broke the camel's back was this very remark he told me without my asking.


"The DVD resolution is confirm much higher that the SVGA DLP pj." What?!?!?!? I must be listening to a kid telling me this. I asked him the resolution of DVDs and he replied "I'm not sure" I didn't thing he listened to my brief on 525i or 480p.


A exhibition-only sale promoter took over from this point. No cocky attitude with lots of humbleness. I asked him other questions and he seem so much more proficient and professional.


I was almost decided to take my money out when he told me he was only a temp staff. I asked him who the perm sales staff for pj. He pointed out to the first guy I talked to.


I rolled my eyes, thanked him and made a mental promise to myself never to buy anything from that fellow.


During the short interaction with the first guy, my impression washe was only interested in making the sales. Gosh, his attiture totally turned me of. >:( >:( >:( He might have lost this customer, but he has lost many more in the long run.


Sorry for the long post.

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Jag i noe who the guy tat u refer to..I also ask him about the performance and whether is it an oem from LG brand..he only give shits and craps answer..

before i come to him, there is a guy asking about some questions, then i over heard wat he said that DVD is should be watch during the night or where ur room is dark dark....so here u see the picture is not nice is because the surrounding is too bright..if u watch it in dark will be very good.

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Ya lor, alot of crap and nuts from that guy. Full of shite. Very proud and act as if he knows everything about pj.


Ask him simple question like DVD resolution and the diff btw LCD & DLP...., he'll give all those "Tom & jerry" answers. And he dare to claim he sells many brands of pj at his shop at SLS.


I know he kena tekan by me....luckily his boss not around, otherwise he jialat liao.

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