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anyone know where can i buy tis.....?

Guest joamonte

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Guest joamonte

anyone know where can i buy tis in spore.....?




its for my HT motorise projector screen..


there is a "Trigger port" that in my new projector which will output a 12 V DC when the projector is on and 0 V when the projector is off...


tis port purpose is to connect with the above Powerflash Module (or smiliar device),and then connect to the motorize screen ,so that,when the projector is on the motorize screen will drop and projector off the screen will rise...


cool right...? 8)


(might sound a bit compilcated but those who know what i mean will know what i mean.. ;D)


i did try to ask the electcial shop in SLT but seem like they dont know what am i talking about,so anyone here can help?



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Sorry, but u can't get that in Singapore. Thats a US X-10 module. Not useable in here, unless u know what you're doing with X-10 config. Anyway, I am quite sure the port u mention doesn't really do what you want.


X-10 modules are relatively expensive for 240V use. Lack of demand in 240V countries. US is very cheap due to incredibly high demand there.


All SLT ppl will only give u blur look if u ask them for such things.


BTW, R u using X-10 at home?


If yes, then u need the 240V version of this, if it exists. (I sincerely think a 240V version does not exist in the first place, but its worth a check in case I'm wrong.) If not using X-10, then this thing will not work at all.


I u don't know what X-10 is, then this thing does not work for your application.


What u need for your mentioned auto screen pull down is a bit too complicated for off-the-shelf components in Singapore.


To do this type of home automation will involve the AMX or Panja control systems. They use programming to do complete automation


Cheaper solution? There is no cheap (> $300) solution for this automation. (At least no that I know of in my experience)


BTW, does your screen motor work on 12V DC? Better check first.

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Guest joamonte

no,jag my screen use 240V AC....


written in my projector user manual,


"Trigger port

When the projector power is turned on,12V DC is output from this port.When the projector's power is turned off,the output become 0 V to communicate the projector' power ON/OFF status to an external device."


i saw the name X-10 at




and if i am not wrong this device is to turn on and off several 120V electicial device /component(...i hope can find one that use for 240V electicial device /component in Singapore)...when,as they stated in the AD---"triggered by either a low voltage input (6-18 volts AC, DC)"


so let say it can be activated by 6-18V, i can try connect it to my screen motor....


i am not sure is my understand correct so pls enlighten me if u know anything about it.




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