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NAD New Progressive Scan DVD Player ...

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Wow ... at last NAD is coming out with a new DVD player that can do progressive scan ... but do not know what chipset is use for the progressive scan feature. Wonder will this be one of the best player for CD playback.


The NAD T562 is our best DVD/CD player, with superb performance on DVDs plus NAD's sonic excellence on CDs, HDCDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs.


Its feature list includes:


Progressive Scan on Component Video Output HDCD decoding

SCART with RGB (except North America) Component Video

Composite video outputs S-Video

Coaxial & Optical digital outputs with selectable 48kHz or 96kHz output

CD-R/CD-RW compatible IR Input

Dolby Digital/PCM/DTS Digital output 24bit/192kHz DAC

4 x 10 bit 54MHz Video DACs 12V Input trigger

5 step zoom feature for up to 32x video magnification Adjustable Black Level (Gamma)

Audiophile quality components Remote control





NAD's "Music First" approach to Home Theatre makes the T 562 equally at home playing CD's as it is playing 5.1 movies. Video quality is also state-of-the-art. With NAD's formidable reputation for sound quality and applying the same skills used for our award-winning CD players, the NAD T 562 exploits this potential to the fullest. This approach makes the T 562 the ideal choice for those who value music as much as video performance.


Features and Circuitry


The NAD T 562 provides the best in available components: True 24bit/192kHz DAC from reknowned supplier Wolfson, for the left and right channels, ultra low-noise Burr-Brown op-amps and associated analogue circuitry are all part of the T 562's impressive component specification. Unusual for DVD players, high quality Burr-Brown (OPA 2134) op-amps are used instead of the much lower grade and type normally found at this price level and higher. Both a coaxial and optical digital output are provided to accommodate virtually all types of processors and receivers. If the DVD disc is encoded with the DTS audio (an optional surround sound format), the DTS digital datastream is available on either digital output for processing by an external decoder or receiver with DTS decoder integrated. Furthermore, the high quality DAC, associated circuitry and HDCD decoder mean that the T 562 will play back your existing CD collection to perfection.


Keeping signal paths short and direct to minimise any interference, the 10 bit Video DACs running at 54MHz are capable of reproducing the finest of picture details, where black is truly black and with vivid colours extremely faithful to the original.


The Component Video outputs (Y, Cr, Cb) sport Progressive Scan to get the most out of the latest high-end video monitors and projectors with significantly increased resolution when compared to the standard, interlaced video found on most DVD players. For video displays without Component Video input, the SCART (which supports RGB) and S-Video connectors still offer superior video performance.


By use of an intuitive On-Screen-Display the T 562 is easy to set up and operate. Besides superb performance, the NAD T 562 also offers a wide range of facilities such as Multi-Angle*; Multi-Sound*; Multi-Subtitle*; Frame; Zoom and Repeat. All these facilities can be easily accessed with the supplied remote control. On top of the traditional functions like Play, Stop, Skip, the front panel also includes cursor control buttons so that the T 562 can still be operated for the most important functions when the remote control is not readily available.




The NAD T 562 comes with ample connection flexibility: With both an optical and coaxial digital output, interfacing to an AV surround sound receiver or processor will be easy. It will be difficult to find a video display to which the T 562 cannot connect, choose either Video Composite, S-Video, Component and SCART (with full RGB signal).


For home-automation and custom install purposes, the T 562 can be switched On and also to Stand-by remotely by 12V trigger and/or by connecting to the IR input. At NAD we believe that performance in sound is equally important as video. If you are looking for excellent picture quality but also want superb multi-channel music play-back, be sure to audition the NAD T 562.



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Guest joamonte

10 bit 54MHz ........ :-\


its a bit outdated in PQ i think....soon many 12bit 108mhz DVDP will sell at cheap cheap price.... ;)

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Guest duckling

NAD CDP are well known to have tracking problem, not sure abt their DVDP thou. But with so many other choices around...I'll give the NAD a miss. ;)


Just my 2 cents.

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NAD equipment are usually over-hyped & over-rated by the British press. For those who are convinced by the glowing reports in What Hi-Fi etc, better take with a pinch of salt.


Not impressed by their CD Players, so I guess this DVD Player can also give a miss. Skipping problems again ?

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