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Whats the MAX length a s-video cable can go?

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Using standard Belden cable for S-video, 10m runs should be pushing the limit of quality. If quality is of little concern, then 15m can still provide reasonable PQ.


If use for longer runs, I suggest break out S-video cable to RG-6 cable for runs exceeding 10m.


Such RG-6/RG-11 can run to as far as 25m/40m.



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RG-59 co-ax cables is the industry standard for 75ohm video cables.


Its a battle proven way of transfering signals with minimum loss & interference thru co-ax. RG is short for Radio Guide. Invented by the americans for their radar system in WW2. The number represent the specs drawn up for that number type.


Today,a cable manufacturer would specify "RG-59 Type". It means the cable capacitance, signal propagation velocity, dimension, loss ..etc... all obey the RG specification of that number.


RG-59 AWG is 20AWG. SCV uses this type of cable; under a different manufacturer product number. But its still RG-59 type.


Next up for 18 AWG would be RG-6. Thicker thus less attenuation or loss. A great step up in terms of signal integrity. Used commonly in studio setups. Not easy to work with but still manageable.


14 AWG would be RG-11. Very thick and not very easy to work with.


10 AWG would be overkill and would not be practical. I won't cover that.


Attenuation @ 100MHz:

RG-59-> ~10dB/100m

RG-6 -> ~6.5db/100m

RG-11 -> ~4.9dB/100m


A rule of thumb, longer the run, the thicker the cable.


In US, RG-6 is used for in-house cable runs, where outdoor BUD (big ugly dish), a semi-rigid thick co-ax able s used to minimise attenuation.

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