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Pioneer 737

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hi guys,


Pioneer 737 has this "d-sub" or sub-d" connecter....what display can i connect to? DVI? Please advice....




I have called Pioneer to enquire. Its for Progressive scan output display, but believe it or not, Pioneer Singapore don't import such a cable ! ::)

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a bit duh rite........ ::)


anyway, FYI i think if i remember correctly. i saw this d-sub connector at SLS......about 70bucks i think....should be about the same price as my DVI cable....

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Guest joamonte

the D-sub connecter is widely use in japan as it can support up to 1080i/720p....


DVDP D-sub output signal is the exacty the same as the 3 RCA component of dvdp,except using different connecter....so no point use it unless u want only one cable instaed of 3,but some review in JP claim that the 3 RCA cable can had more higher grade PQ performent that the D-sub.. :o


480i is "D1",480p is "D2" and so far if i am not wrong "D4 "(1080p or i??) is the higher standard they have now in japan...


actually can surf the net 4 the correct figure..n more imfromation, but i am just too lazy... ;D


but hope above is useful...



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Guest joamonte



in case some of u want to know,i just found out...










D5=1080p(not yet boardcast in JP)



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