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Hello All


I am new to StereoNet. I am actually on the opposite side of the planet, in the US, but I regularly follow foreign discussion threads, and (warning: shameless brown-noser coming 😇) I have found Aussie threads to be some of the more interesting ones.


Only my preamp (Cello Audio Suite), power amp (VAC Phi 200), and several power  and digital interconnect cables (Empirical Design) are US made; the rest of my system is foreign. My rebuilt Garrard 301 was imported from Australia. Paired with an SME 3009 II, I paid the princely sum of $250 US for it (it was 20 years ago).


I am a turntable and tonearm technician and happened across StereoNet while researching the root cause for a misbehaving motor on a Linn Sondek LP12. I've known about Stereo.Net for some time, so shame on me for not joining sooner!


I am a long time audiophile. In addition to the amp, preamp, and cables listed above, I also have Dynaudio Confidence 5s, Crystal Cable speaker, interconnect and power cables, Oracle Delphi VI W/ Graham Phantom II & Kiseki Purple Heart / Ortofon MC-A90 / Dynavector DV-1S, rebuilt Thorens TD-124 W/ rebuilt & VDH rewired SME 3012 & Ortofon Cadenza Mono, Oppo UDP-205, modded Esoteric D-70 DAC, Small Green Computer UltraRendu, M2Tech EVO2/Clock2, Audioquest Niagara 7000, and a few other odds and ends 🙂.


My website is www.hyendaudioservices.com

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On 23/06/2021 at 8:54 PM, Hyendaudio said:

shame on me for not joining sooner!

No time like the present so welcome aboard.

Amongst other bikes I’m a Harley rider and find your US HD forums interesting too.

You’d think we’d all be the same but for some reason there are differences in our approaches. Cheers 😎

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Welcome aboard!

I paid $300Aus for one of my SME 3009s about 20 years ago as well!

(just for the arm though)

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