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Hi all


Just wondering what would be the next best step for my audio set-up,


I currently have a NAD C315BEE, which is 40w, an audio gd DAC and Dali Lektor 2 bookshelf speakers.

For sources I have a Rega Planar 2 and an old MacBook.


I’m very happy with my sound but wondering if I could make it better with the addition of better gear.


I was thinking a small sealed sub or maybe a new amp. Can you guys offer advice on which way next? My budget is about $1000



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It really depends on what you want.:)


General improvement: your sources are pretty reasonable so I'd suggest an amp, preferably used but not too old.


More bass: the speakers are 3dB down at 49 Hz so a sub will help. It should be either quite efficient or self-powered as the amp may be marginal for power if you play it loud.

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I guess I want to know what the possibilities are as it relates to good sound on a budget. 


My ears were good enough to appreciate the jump to a nad amp and nice speakers from an all in one sharp system. But I’m not sure they’re good enough to appreciate further enhancements.


Thanks for your recommendation, could you advise if any amps that might fit the bill?


I listen to blues and soul primarily. 

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30 minutes ago, burnside9 said:

I guess I want to know what the possibilities are as it relates to good sound on a budget. 

The general guideline is to upgrade 'up the chain' (towards the source) if you want an increase in the overall quality of the sound and speakers and room if you want to change the character of the sound.


My ears were good enough to appreciate the jump to a nad amp and nice speakers from an all in one sharp system. But I’m not sure they’re good enough to appreciate further enhancements.

Adding a sub would give a substantial change in the character of the sound and will be easily noticeable.


Thanks for your recommendation, could you advise if any amps that might fit the bill?

NAD amps are generally good value for the money (smooth sounding and reasonably powerful) so your full budget would probably be needed to get a real upgrade out of a new amp. I'd recommend at least 100 watts to get any more real loudness and used to get a quality jump. Sorry, I have no recommendations in that area but there will be some along shortly who can help. 


I listen to blues and soul primarily. 

That shouldn't make *much* difference unless you like to listen quite loud. If you are OK with moderate volumes then I think a sub would be a good bet. (Sorry, I can't help with specifics there either.:sad:)



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Are your speakers on heavy stands at around ear height? Using stands and careful positioning can make  a big difference compared to leaving them on an actual bookshelf (or the floor).


I’d agree a sub could be an excellent  upgrade if you like the character of the speakers and you want deeper bass and more volume. Having said that I personally lean toward floorstanders in the first case to get more bass without having to spend money on stands (generalization warning ⚠️😉).


Secondly I wonder what cartridge you have on the Rega? If you’re a big vinyl listener this could be an area for an upgrade (it probably comes with a Rega Carbon which is great for the money). 

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There are some very good valve and solid state amps kicking around in the classified software for $2000 which I know is twice your budget but your Mac book is good or can be with good audio software etc and the Rega is great and the addition of a better cart is a great idea if required and or interconnect and speaker cables to and from the amps maybe beneficial. If you can stretch your budget it will be beneficial. So your sources are good so the amps is next in line. then cables then a speaker upgrade.  As others says playing with speaker positioning and basic room optimisation will also benefit the overall sound, enjoy it and have fun.


Don't stress its just music...


amps to consider about  $2000 








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Your NAD amp is quite good in the genre of the classic 3020 models and should be able to drive better used $1000 speakers like Kef Ls50, Lenehans, Jamo Concert 8, Whatmough 202, Proac studio 1 or 100, Sonus Faber Minima etc, check reviews of them and keep an eye out here and in Gumtree.

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    • By kiwimeat
      Hello Forum members. 
      I haven't been active here for a long, long time. 

      I come seeking input and advice on the great journey that is upgrading from FHD to 4K.
      Our HT/Rumpus room is 4m x 7m with 2.5m ceiling.
      It has served the family well for over a decade. 
      It is currently setup for 7.1 using 1080p/FHD technology.
      Primarily used for a mix of Movies, Sports and Gaming. With maybe 10% music (usually SACD or Blu-Ray Audio).
      It is time to make the leap to a bigger TV and by implication 4K, Dolby Vision, Atmos etc.
      I want to do it properly so I recognise that this will mean substantial changes to my current setup.
      Current Equipment
      Display Panasonic TH-P54V20A Full HD Plasma AV Receiver Yamaha RX-A3020 HD Players  Toshiba HD-XE1 Oppo BDP-105 for Blu Ray & SACD Set top Box Fetch Mighty Speakers 7.1 Mission 766 Front Speakers Mission 77c Centre Speaker Mission 771 Side Speakers (angled down to MLP). Mission m5ds Rear Surround Speakers (bipoles) REL R205 Sub Bass System Consoles  Sony PS4 & PS3 Media PC Intel NUC with Pentium CPU,  8GB RAM, Emby Client Remote Logitech Harmony 525 Remote, Microsoft Media Center Keyboard (yes an original one). Power Belkin PF30 PureAV™ Home Theatre Power Console + Belkin Surge Protector with Battery Backup – 600VA (for PC, switches not AV gear). Networking – Ubiquiti UniFi US-8 and USW-Flex Mini switches & UAP-NanoHD AP (house runs a UniFi backbone over CAT6). SoundDesign Furniture Moreton Deluxe Rack   
      Desired Setup
      My preferable final configuration is 7.1.4. I believe I have the space for 4 Atmos speakers in the room.
      I have longer term plans for 7.2.4 at a later date or maybe 7.1.4 just a bigger REL sub. 
      I intend to keep the current 7.1 setup with Missions and REL sub for now.
      For Atmos speakers I am leaning towards Krix HEMISPHERIX AS or A20. Preferably the A20 but these are marginally deeper than my ceiling cavity. 
      I would like ATMOSPHERIX A20's as I have heard them, but they are simply far to deep for my ceiling. 
      See below re ceiling depth.
      75" or 85" 4K LCD - leaning towards Sony at this time.
      I watch sports (either Fetch Mighty or streaming from media PC), we play games and watch movies. Not much FTA TV.

      New AVR
      Open to ideas. I've had 4 generations of  Yamaha's RX-V1900, RX-V2600, RX-V3800 and finally RX-A3020. 
      But after being happy for those 4 generations of Yamaha, the new A series AVR's do not appeal. I don't like the looks for a start. Plus perhaps it is time for something a little/lot better.
      Needs to support:-
      11.2 channels.  Room correction.  Good music playback for SACD and Blu-Ray audio. Upgrades (see below) Not bothered about streaming (we use Sonos around the house) and if playing music it will be physical media.

      UHD Playback & Gaming
      Sony PS5 for gaming and 4K playback
      Sony PS4 and PS3
      I will keep the Oppo and probably retire the HD-XE1 (and it's backup).
      Media PC
      Perhaps it is time to retire the Media PC and go with a different solution for streaming video (including hopefully 4K playback). 
      Possibly directly on the TV might be an option.
      I have a Synology 12-bay NAS to serve up media.
      The items below are the initial decisions and obstacles I have come up with. 

      TV Wall Mounting
      My current layout has a feature wall with an alcove for the TV. Unfortunately is only large enough for a 55" TV. 
      It currently has a power socket and exit for conduit run for HDMI cable (see below).
      So I need to expand the alcove to accommodate larger display.
      Do I fill the alcove in and mount the TV flush as modern LCD panels are much thinner than than the plasma TV's that the room was designed for. If I went for the 85" option, I think this would be the simplest option.
      But I (and the missus) like the alcove and think it adds a bit of class to the room. 
      I have a tame (mostly) builder who hopefully can do this work for me. 
      Cable runs and Conduit 
      Currently I run a 8m Kordz HDMI cable through approx 6m of conduit from the AVR to the display. 
      It takes 6 metres to run from centre of the feature wall and round onto left hand wall to reach AVR location.
      For the new solution I want to run:-
      2 x Ultra HDMI/48Gbps cables
      1 x Antenna cable
      1 x CAT6 Ethernet 
      plus several pull cables (I learnt the hard way about not having enough).
      There is no-way that is all getting through my current conduit, or at least it would be very difficult. 
      I am thinking that perhaps that I have new shorter conduit installed when I have a builder address the feature wall (see above). It will exit on the side of the feature wall and be a direct line to the back of the TV mounting.
      This will hopefully mean that I will have shorter distance and this should mean I can potentially get away with 5 m cables.
      Ceiling Depth
      I want to do Atmos properly (or as best I can) but there is only 150mm ceiling space available which limits me if I want to keep the speakers flush. Given the height and visual impact, fully surface mounted speakers are not an option.
      I would really prefer the Hemispherix A20 over the AS if at all possible. But the A20 are 157mm deep which is 7mm taller than my ceiling cavity. 
      So I am contemplating have 4 tasteful moulding/ceiling features (plasterboard, plastic, wood) installed to increase the ceiling depth to allow sufficient space (at least 10mm more, at least 15mm for safety) to mount 4 x Krix Hemispherix A20.
      AVR Amplification
      If I going to drive 11 channels I am either going to need a top-of-the-class AVR with 11 channels of amplification or a mid-to-high tier amp with a power amp to drive 2 or more speakers.
      That is going to drive the budget a bit higher than I had originally planned either way.

      Or I could change the speaker configuration to use 9 channels which more AVR's have. 
      Either 7.1.2 (drop the rear pair of Atmos) or 5.1.4 (and lose the rears). But I am reluctant to do this as the 7.1 gets a lot of use in games. 
      HDMI 2.1
      To be honest the of mess that HDMI 2.1 currently encompasses displays, AVRs and playback devices is almost (but not-quite) enough to put me off.
      I believe there are very few current AVR's with certified and working HDMI 2.1 functionality.
      With this in mind I would be interesting in getting an AVR that has a future upgrade option such as NAD or Anthem have.
      I believe the work around is to run cable directly from PS5 to display and use the ARC channel for audio return to AVR over second HDMI cable. 
      Thank you for reading and I look forward to any input you would care to share.
    • By lordvader82
      Hey all

      Was hoping to get some advice on converting a current 3.1 setup, to a 5.1, 7.1 or 5.1.2 setup.
      I've got a rectangular space downstairs, and have allocated a section of it as a "home theater" - which really means TV + 3.1 speakers.
      It has the following limitations:
      No rear wall, as there's a sliding door Side walls are not equi-distance There are steel beams, and heating ducts within the ceiling, that may impact ceiling speaker placements (represented by the red lines)  
      Given that, if I want to enjoy surround sound, in ceiling seem to be my only option. I've attached an image of where I think in ceiling speakers should go (red dots), for either a 7.1, or a 5.1.2 setup (future proof).
      So ...
      I'm not 100% if the speakers should be angled towards the couch, or just point straight down. Can I use the same placement for a 7.1 -> 5.1.2 Should I just stick with 5.1 in that space, and if so, should I hug that rear wall, or over the couch?  
      So much thinking! Would love some advice/direction, before putting a bunch of holes in the ceiling.

    • By the_driver
      I'm looking for a few speaker cable recommendations please for all my speakers?
      I've just bought an Audiolab 8300A to pair my front Q Acoustics 3030i speakers.
      I also have my Yamaha RX-2065V receiver with four Q Acoustics 3020 speakers, Q Acoustics QB12 subwoofer and Q Acoustics 3090ci centre speaker.
      I was thinking
      QED Reference XT40i for the front 3030i's because I can get them at a relatively good price (5m pair for $240) or the AudioQuest Rocket 11 (5m pair for $270). QED XT25 for the 3020 speakers as the runs are going to be longer with these being used for surrounds for movies. QED Reference XT40i for the QB12 subwoofer.
      I'm quite open to recommendations though (but would be interested in your reasoning) and buying used items speaker cables. Thanks in advance.
    • By happydoomer
      Hi guys, going to to trying out some new speakers soon & wondering if anyone has any feedback on either Q acoustic 3050i or Castle Knight 3 or 4s. Luv the look of the Mahogany Castles by the way. Thanks in advance Ben.

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