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2 hours ago, PeKay said:

I’ve seen most of the series mentioned here and agree with posts. Would also add Black Spot - French quirky noir. 

This looks good, but I wonder how "White Zone" gets translated into Black Spot.xD

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On 16/09/2021 at 10:44 AM, PeKay said:

I’d thoroughly recommend Hidden. It’s Welsh language (so not Scandi) but really quite dark and with lots of slow burn menace (especially the first series). 

I’ve seen most of the series mentioned here and agree with posts. Would also add Black Spot - French quirky noir. 


thanks PK .... will look out for both :) 


ps am 4 series into Bosch...


I didnt realise The music of Harry bosch was a thing :D 




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17 minutes ago, bones28643 said:

I would recommend the Russian series AN ORDINARY WOMAN. It wii be repeated late tomorrow night on SBS. A delicious black comedy drama.



like sounds of this and yep 2 series on sbs on demand  :) 



will add to watch list for sure ...

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    • By betty boop
      Watched a trio of movies kicking off with The Seven-Ups only to realise it was connected to Bullitt a movie released prior and The French connection I & II that followed,

      fantastic movies ! 
      Apart from them being crime, police dramas a common thread in them I found was Producer Philip D'Antoni
      I watched The Seven-Ups first off, which is an interesting movie about a team of police men working undercover on cases that would send the perpetrators off for 7 years or more. Has a car chase scene with Roy Schneider who stars in the movie flying through the streets of New York. Core to the movie according to Philip D'Antoni was that was he wanted a sense of the real. reality and all the characters are very real every day sorts and not leaving out the raw and the grit.
      Watching Bullitt next it has also that fantastic car chase scene through the streets of san francisco. staring Steve Mcqueen and his scene in the mustang chasing a charger in the streets probably goes down in the history of car chase movies ! The movie won an academy award for film editing of all things. sticking to the line of keeping it real, true to the times and not leaving out any of the raw and grit had the movie inducted in the National film registry for preservation by the library off congress due to it being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant"
      I watched French Connection next and it is set predominately in the us is based on true characters and events picks up on activities of the mob/organised crime and international drug smuggling. This time around there is Gene Hackman who is the larger than life loud mouth american cop and partnered by Roy Schneider. It was the first R rated movie to win an academy award and won a few academy awards (including best actor for Gene Hackman) and was nominated for a few more ! again a film that is inducted in the national film registry for preservation for same reasons as Bullitt.
      French connection 2 based totally in france Has Gene Hackman returning but Roy schneider is no where to be seen. while didnt do as well in the box office I found it a good closing o the story and an important one
      I have watched these films many many years prior as a kid, and again some decades later, but first time as a trio here and very much enjoyed especially understanding the thread of commonality between them  and their significance  some true crime classics and great to be able to enjoy. 

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