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FOUND: WTB: 2nd hand Phono pre

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Item: phono stage
Price Range: around $4k
Item Condition: Used
Extra Info:  I have been happily using my Whest Ps 30r. for the last few years and have decided it is time to try for an upgrade.  I am and have been very happy with my Whest, but this is the longest I have kept a component for awhile and I am hoping this will be my last phono (for a very long time) so it has to be a step up from the 30r for me to consider it.  I won't be buying before trying so this will mostly be relevant for Sydney siders.  I am in the Chatswood area for those who do know Sydney.


There is one exception to the won't buy without trying and that is a Whest unit.  I would consider a Whest anywhere in the Country.


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I prefer SS but would consider a Conrad Johnson value phono.

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I’m going up the Whest chain. 

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