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TAKEN: Realistic STA-76 Vintage Integrated Amplifier Receiver

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Item: Realistic STA-76 Vintage Integrated Amplifier Receiver
Price Range: FREE
Item Condition: Used
Extra Info:


I recapped the unit not too long ago and also replaced speaker out with 2 full sets of 5 way binding posts so banana plugs can be plugged.

To my stupidity, I tried to make it even better, I was tweaking DC Offset adjustment and did not realise that this model uses capacitor-coupled output stage (There is a 2200uF output capacitor for each channel to block DC from reaching the speakers) and adjust too much and output BJT transistors are blown. There are easy to be replaced but I am kinda lost interest in vintage equipment so doubt that i will fix this and use it hence better go to someone who likes tinker vintage gear and make it back to original glory.


When it was working, it sounds very nice. The noise floor is not as low as modern amps but have guts and power to drive any speakers that i threw at.


Hope it goes to a handy person who will bring it back to life.


Thank you.






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I am becoming very, very all about the vintage pieces in need of love. Beautiful looking, will send a PM.

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