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Height speaker placement Klipsch RP500SA vs Books, Wide distance

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So, base on what i have seen and looked at, they say place the Height speakers in-line with the fronts and rear channels, what if the front and rear channels are fairly wide apart and are angled inward since i have 2 subwoofers and towers on outside of the subs ect plus other stuff that cannot be moved.


i got some options,  Buy RP500SA and have them aligned with the towers really far apart and not pointed directly at listening area, or place them  closer together about where my AVR and PC is on side of my tv.


This is the room, it looks smaller then it really is, i use panorama picture scan on my phone, my seat lines up where 2 side tables are next to tv, where my AVR and PC sits on



Or Buy book speakers RP500ms or something, and a bookshelf speaker mount that is an arm like below and have them angle towards the listening area 

Any input what would be best solution here ? since real question is bookshelf mounting high and inward and angled or moving the RP500SA elevated speakers closer in-align with the listening area.

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With a small room I'd suggest to mount them as equidistant as possible to your listening position.

The bubble of sound probably won't make much difference where they sit aligned with the fronts.

I would try to angle them in to main listening position.

Its almost 'studio' dimensions if you think about it.


Link2 (click on Dolby Atmos setup pic)



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