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DIY Loudspeaker :Interested in constructing a pair of smaller size Klipsch "Cornwall"


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I had a pair 20 years ago. Just too big and had to sell them. The sound is so captivating that I like to do up a smaller pair with similar dynamics- this had been on my mind for last 15 years.  I did a pair with some cheap drivers, but want to know if there are better ways and more suitable high efficient drivers.


I also have a collections of vintage amplifiers that I need some advices on fixing them up- It is weird that one channel soften after playing with all three. One completely recapped, One 70% and another untouched.  Two valves and one early transformer SS type.







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Welcome to StereoNet, PK.  


It sounds like you have a lot of audio experience to share - please participate.  

You might enjoy the  Speakers forum and the  DIY forum.


Please enjoy our community, and I look forward to reading your contributions.  


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My latest- similar to the best speakers when hang down from ceiling? ? 

"World’s Best Speakers!

Jun 1, 2018"

It sounds very good, with plenty of bass. There was a remark that it has a raw high, but my damaged ears couldn't hear it. I also have Minidsp to tame the high. It sounds better with my  clone chip than with a valve 2.5  watts SE -"fat voice" that I didn't like.




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