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New member account. Trying to recover old account.

Guest Yuh

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After the recent security breach, unfortunately my old account appears to have been deleted.

My previous username was "yuh". 

Tried to recover password without success.

Created a new account to try to recover old one if possible. 


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Doing the same. I have sent several password reset requests (all confirmed) and almost 2 hours later yet to receive the email (checked spam...). The create new account took seconds. Had to create a new one just to see what was going on and will delete as soon as it can be sorted.


Thanks for all your efforts Marc.



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@lemarquis2 - it's a perfect storm. The 160K+ password requests has backlogged the mail server. There is a few hours of queue we are allocating more resources to so we can help clear it. We can merge accounts back together in the coming days. Don't worry.

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when will site operators accept that leaks will happen and that to protect their users to NEVER make  for email or personal data manditory. if it was an option ill never ******* give a site my email anymore dont care about password reset.. i use a bloody password manager.

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